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The terms and conditions are a legally binding legal contract applied to you as a customer and One Night Only Boutique. These terms and conditions apply to users of our website or social media platforms and those contacting and/or hiring from One Night Only Boutique. By accessing our website or social media platforms, or engaging with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Full replacement cost means the RRP of the Garment.

Garments means garments and or accessories.

Liability means liability in or for breach of contract, breach of duty, restitution or any other cause of action whatsoever relating to or arising under or in connection with these Terms

Order means an order to rent Garments.

RRP refers to the recommended retail price.

We and us refers to the One Night Only Boutique team.

You and your refers to you as the user/visitor of our website and includes One Night Only Boutique customers.


One Night Only Boutique reserves the right to amend these Terms from time to time. Amendments will be effective immediately upon their being posted on the website, or being provided to you.


When trying on a garment, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.


For non-local customers, the garment will be mailed to you either be regular or express post as agreed. You must be available to sign for your parcel. Please refer to Lost or Stolen Garments for Terms and Conditions, should a parcel be lost as you were not home to receive the parcel.


Our contract is based upon a two party agreement, you as the customer, and us. The garments are not for sale and are not available for third party hire.

a) Renting garments – our website provides a catalogue of garments available for hire. You can rent from One Night Only Boutique by contacting us to book your selected garments.

b) Delivery of garments – we will arrange delivery of garments to the address specified by you (for non-local customers) or garments will be available for pick-up from our showroom at a mutually agreeable time (local customers).

c) Soiled or damaged garments – should a garment be returned soiled or damaged, we may at our discretion have the garment cleaned and/or repaired. If it is not economically viable for the garments to be cleaned and/or repaired, you will be charged the full replacement cost of the garment. The replacement value of the garment is advertised on our website and by accepting the terms and conditions when you place your order, you agree to replace the garment should it not be economically viable for the garments to be cleaned and/or repaired. You authorise One Night Only Boutique to charge any additional charges to your credit card if the garments and soiled or damaged.

d) Lost or stolen garments – if the garments are lost or stolen while in your possession or control, you will be charged the full replacement value of the garments. You authorise One Night Only Boutique to charge any additional charges to your credit card if the garments lost or stolen.

e) Late return of garments – garments hired from One Night Only Boutique are hired over a four day period. If you choose to keep the garment for longer than the rental period you will be charged $30 a day up to the value of 100% of the RRP of the garment. You authorise One Night Only Boutique to charge any additional charges to your credit card if the garment is returned late.

You must ensure you return the garment:

(i) By the fourth day of the rental period

(ii) In the same condition delivered to you

(iii) Using the prepaid return postage envelope or directly to Prisine Drycleaners in Bendigo or as agreed otherwise.

f) Cancellations – garments must be paid for within three days of the booking to secure your hire. Where a cancellation occurs outside of 14 days prior to the event, a store credit will be granted to you. Where a cancellation occurs within 14 days prior to the event, no compensation will be offered.

g) Bond – for non-local customers a bond of 50% of the RRP will be payable upon booking of a garment. For local customers no bond is payable as the garments are inspected prior to collection and subsequent to the garment being returned. Where the garment is not in the condition as delivered to you (excluding fair wear and tear) you will be liable under Part C Soiled or Damaged Garments.


Your bond is completed refundable to you, provided the garment is returned in accordance with the terms and conditions. Bonds are returned within 48 hours of us receiving the garment back.


One Night Only Boutique delivers Australia wide. The fee for postage depends on the weight of your garments and whether you require standard or express delivery. Please contact us for a postage quote.



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